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Frequently asked questions

Are you a traditional or online agent ?

We have a physical office Rawdon, Leeds LS19 so we are a traditional type of agent. However we think the world is changing, and people are 'more online' than ever before. We think the industry will eventually change, and we like some of the principle services that online agents offer. Therefore we offer a hybrid choice of full traditional services for those that require it, or services at a reduced cost for those that would prefer to have some involvement in the selling or renting process - because one size never fits all.

How long is the exclusive period if I agree a contract with you to sell my property ?

Our contract period is a negotiation. For example if you agree to market your property using our strategy, we'd be confident to create a lot of attention and find you a buyer quickly, so we'd agree a shorter term. Our opinion is that many agents sign you into 16 week contracts with a sneaky extra month to end it because they have given you a sale value figure that is not completely realistic, so they want to benefit from any positive change in the market conditions over the following few months. Why else would you need nearly half a year in contract?

My agent says they have a cluster of offices throughout leeds so will it effect your ability to find me a buyer for my property ?

Not at all. We hear this all the time, and frankly, we think its just not true at all. It all starts with the way in which 97% of people use the internet and specifically Rightmove and on the market to create their own property viewing wish-list. More pertinently, if the agent you choose creates a good marketing strategy for your property, you will attract numerous viewing requests and a great result.

I am a little confused about how you charge your fees ?

Our fees start from £999 INCL VAT, however we agree at the outset a fee structure where you motivate us to sell your property for the 'very best sale price' by paying us more if we perform better. We honestly don't believe that agents are really motivated at all to get you the very best sale price, and why would they be? If an agent's fee is 1.5% (1.8% INCL VAT), selling a property for an extra £10,000 equates to an extra £150 in commission for the agency (and just £15 for the sales person selling your property). Hardly a motivator, you'll agree. Yet an extra £10,000 in your bank would be totally amazing, and allow you to do a plethora of brilliant things, such as go on holiday. Twice!. Sales people work harder if they earn more, it's no secret. So try and 'dangle a carrot' and you might be surprised with the result. If an agent is telling you they'll sell your property for '£xxxx' amount, which sounds a little too good to be true, offer to pay a lower fee if they don't sell your property for the amount they claim they will. You'll get a good 'gut feeling' how likely it really is from their answer! Or you'll know all you need to know about the agents real motivation.

Surely you lack of knowledge in my local area means you wont be able to get me the best results ?

It's an agent myth that a local agent can get a better result than a non-local agent.  We understand why you might think its true, but the buyer has likely already carried out extensive research on the towns they are considering living in, and lets be honest anyone can be an 'expert' on any area within an hour simply by carrying out some smart research using the internet.  Ask an agent about the local schools and all but the very best will know more than you can find out in a jiffy, for instance using our brilliant schools search function on each property page.  And thinking about experts, you know the area far better than the agent does as you are a resident and they probably don't even live locally, they just happen to work in your town.  Think about what actually gets you the best offer, an agent's knowledge of the area or having some skill and expertise at negotiating and having lots of interested buyers.  Its the latter, always.

I haven’t heard of you before, so can I trust you to get me the right result ?

It's understandable that you might feel this way, and to be honest many of our clients also felt this way too when they first came across us.  However after they instructed us they found our results brilliant and many have left very humbling reviews about us. But we don't want to sing our own praises,  so check AllAgentswhere you can find our clients doing the talking.  Our fee structure also means we're totally motivated to get the best price and some of our clients have even left testimonials about this as they really liked the fact they knew we'd be working to achieve the same goal!

A local agent has sold a property in my road recently, do they have the best chance to sell my property ?

It's easy to see why you might feel it will create an advantage to the agent, and they will tell you they have people already on their lists that want to view your property and who missed out on the last sale.  And this may well be true, but those people in all likelihood came from either Rightmove or Zoopla and will find your property too.  And how do you know they sold your neighbour's property for the very best price, and didn't simply convince them to take the first half-decent offer?  Also, wouldn't you agree that marketing your property to the entire marketplace of buyers rather than a few people who viewed another property in your road will present you with the best chance to sell for the very best price? Because it is the best price you really want and not just a quick sale. So the fact an agent already sold a property in your road offers you no tangible benefit whatsoever unless you are after a quick sale, at which point it perhaps does, but only if the other property was literally just sold within the last few weeks.